Updated 5th April 2020

Dear BDFPA Members,
Due to the escalating spread of the Coronavirus resulting in travel restrictions, isolation requirements and gym closures worldwide, the WDFPF have made the decision to cancel many events throughout this year. Until this global pandemic is under control and travel restrictions have been lifted, a decision cannot be made by the WDFPF or the BDFPA as to whether the cancelled events or the upcoming events can or will be rescheduled at a later date. The BDFPA National Council are working towards plans as if these events were to take place; but only once this is all over will we be in a position to readdress the scheduled events for 2020. 
To address the questions that have been raised over the last month: this information can be found below. I suspect there will be many more questions, but these will be addressed as and when the information is required.
1.     Can I have a refund of my BDFPA membership?  Membership is not exclusive to participation in events, as a majority of membership funds are tied up within the administration of the organisation and in the wider delivery of drugs testing across the entire membership, to which any member is liable at any time. Although restrictions prevent events being undertaken at present, the BDFPA anticipate running events before the calendar year is over.
2.     Am I able to have a full refund for the National Single Lifts now that the event has been cancelled? Yes, a full refund will be offered to all lifters who entered and paid for this event.  An email has been sent to all lifters to inform them how they should apply for this, and refunds are underway. 
3.     Will the National Full Power event still take place? The BDFPA have just announced that this event is to be cancelled. An email has been sent to all lifters to facilitate a refund. Plans are in place to reschedule this event in Sep 2020, and if and when this happens, all lifters will be informed via the website and social media. 
4.     Will the European Single Lifts in Sardinia still take place? Again, the ongoing situation makes this difficult to plan for, but further details will be released as soon as we have further information. We expect the WDFPF to make a decision on this in July. 
5.     Will the World Full Power and Congress still take place? Currently this event is scheduled to happen, but will depend on the ongoing restrictions at the time.
6.     If the National Full Power event doesn’t get rescheduled will I still be able to attend the World Full Power? If the National Full Power doesn’t take place, then all lifters will be invited to apply for attendance at the World Full Power, taking into account that the minimal opener rule will be applied. If there are more than 3 people in each age and weight class who have entered, then a selection process will need to be applied, using performance from previous full power events, to determine this. The BDFPA will also consider applications from those who can demonstrate via other events, from within the BDFPA or WDFPF, that they meet the minimum criteria. The requirement to have been a member for 3 months prior to attending the World Full Power will be enforced by the WDFPF.  
7.     Will automatic qualification be carried over to the Nationals Single Lifts 2021 if the 2020 event doesn’t go ahead? No, all lifters will be required to attend a divisional qualification event in order to qualify. If this occurs, then timing of the 2021 National Singles lifts will be planned to allow qualification events to be completed.  This decision will be based upon the situation returning to normal.
8.     How will a change in age class affect my entry to the National Full Power if I am unable to attend a divisional event to qualify? Your qualification will count for your new age class.
Yours sincerely,
Ann Thomas
30 March 2020
Mrs Ann Thomas MBE 
President BDFPA


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