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Last Updated: 1st March 2020

Make sure you get your membership BEFORE a competition.

Anyone qualifying in 2017 for 2018 National/Internationals needs to pay their BDFPA membership online BEFORE 31st January 2018 or your qualification will be null and void and you will need to re-qualify.

You need to lift the relevant qualifying weight at your divisional (however any divisional event will do) in order qualify for the British Full Power or Singles, and then be placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your age and weight category at the British in either England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, as well as again achieving the qualifying weight, for an invite to any of the Internationals.

NOTE:- any divisional after the relevant British Championship counts as a qualifier for the following year.

You can post a single lift qualifier from a power set.


National & International competitions

Participation is strictly by qualification only. All participants must currently have BDFPA membership. (N.B For new members - minimum 3 months membership and participation in at least one prior BDFPA competition).

Those whose membership of the association has lapsed for a full membership year or more - will also be classed as "new" members, and be subject to the 3 month minimum. (NC Ballot Nov 2003).

Qualification will be by achieving minimum standards laid down by the Association. The President may, under certain circumstances, excercise discretion in the application of these qualifying standards. At National events it is now a requirement to open on the qualifying lift or higher. For full power events the 3 openers be the single lift qualifying minium or higher.

WDFPF Minina Opening Lifts Unequipped

WDFPF Minima Opening Lifts Equipped

From 2017 at the World Full Power, each opening lift must be the single lift qualifying weight or higher. If you intend to claim an International record at National or Euro full power events you will also have to meet this requirement.